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Bermuda Triangle in Ashland County?

I have heard of the Polk Triangle, but tonight was the first time that I have heard of Ashland County’s Bermuda Triangle.

Reports of a plane crash in Ashland County prompted a huge presence of Law Enforcement on State Route 302, this afternoon.

In a statement from the Ohio Highway Patrol, “The Ashland Post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol, along with the Ashland County Sheriff's Office, are searching for a reported, possible downed aircraft, off of State Route 302, near Redhaw, in Perry Township, Ashland County. Our Aviation Section is responding to the scene, to provide aerial support, and ground units continue to search the area.”

Ashland County Sheriff’s Office Drone Team, Along with the Ohio Highway Patrol Aviation, Polk Fire Department & EMS, and Sullivan EMS responded and searched the area, but were unable to find the missing downed aircraft.

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Doc Lawless
Doc Lawless
19 сент. 2023 г.

Please tell us about the Polk triangle, I have never heard anything about it. You have me very curious.

23 сент. 2023 г.
Ответ пользователю

Several accidents in and around that area at intersections. Some fatalities. Rt 42 and Rt 89. Rt 42 and Rt 302

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