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Ashland University Theatre to host series of 10-minute plays on April 14-15

ASHLAND, Ohio – The Ashland University Department of Theatre will close out its 2022-23 season by presenting a festival of 10-minute plays Friday and Saturday, April 14-15, in the Studio Theatre of the Center for the Arts (331 College Ave.). To conclude this season’s theme, “Standing Up, Standing Out,” these student-directed short plays each have characters who stand up for themselves and stand out by making choices that will change their lives.

Admission is free, but seating is limited. Tickets are available from the directors or at the door.

Anthony Marchetta, a junior journalism and digital media major, is directing “I Can’t Think of It Right Now.” The comedy is a scene of a common life experience, as a couple tries to remember the name of an actor, movie or song. A quiet evening at home for Marsha (performed by Meredith Morgan) and John (Aaron Stephens) is disrupted when they can’t think of the movie with “the guy with the blue paint across his face.”

The play “People Will Talk” by Scott Mullen will be directed by senior musical theatre major Katie Snell. Two strangers, Martha (Rhiannon Reed) and Owen (Camden Edwards) meet on a ledge and discuss who gets to jump first. As they talk, they learn about one another and come to decisions about their own lives. This play deals with topics for mature audiences, such as suicide, suicidal ideation and drinking alcohol.

Senior theatre major Tiffany Sims is directing “Sun Dried” by Edna Ferber and adapted for the stage by Walter Wykes. Set in 1912, this play is about a girl (Leanna Uselton) from the country who moved to New York City to pursue her dreams of becoming a writer. A kind janitor (Oliver Wagner) allows her on the rooftop to dry her hair in the sun, then a mystery man (Tobin Grendzynski) appears who might have the power to change the trajectory of her writing career.

A play within a play, “A Rebel Among the Wretched,” by Andrew Bliss will be directed by junior musical theatre major Mattie Vermilya. A celebrated drama about a dysfunctional family enthralls audiences night after night, but one of its characters (Leanna Uselton) decides that she has had enough doom and despair and wants to leave with her children (Ellie Nickoli and Rhiannon Reed) to join a musical.

“The Wedding Song” by Sam Graber is to be directed by junior theatre major Anthony McFee. During the first dance with his bride, a groom (Jesse Baker) is transported to other worlds by a mystical songkeeper (Gabrielle O’Brien). An ancient song delivers the key to eternal happiness.

Junior musical theatre major Tobin Grendzynski will direct “The Goon” by Pete Malicki. Two goons, Gary (Tia Shanklin) and Blarney (Ray Yeh), who work for a super villain (Belle Ayala), are in big trouble when one of them accidentally shoots a superhero. The vulgar pair of goons then take it upon themselves to hide the murder from their eccentric boss. This play contains adult language and subject matter.

Technical support is being provided by Hermalinda Abarca (stage manager), Becca Huegler (sound board operator) and Lily Dowler (light board operator). Seth Morrison ‘18 is serving as the technical director and D. Justin Bilewicz III ’09 as the costumer.

For more information, contact Teresa Durbin-Ames at or 419-289-5821.


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