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Ashland Times Gazette and Enderby Misled County Residents

In the March 9, 2024 addition of The Ashland Times Gazette a contrast piece about the Sheriff Candidates ran. In usual TG style it is full of errors and misinformation. The article “attempts to clarify” the issue of Chad Enderby’s “service” with the Sheriff’s Office. The article states that “Enderby was not an employee of the Sheriff’s Office” but then goes on to say Enderby held a part-time position and was named a Special Deputy. So which is it? What is the truth?


Let me clarify this for all residents of Ashland County. Chad Enderby signed up to be a Special Deputy, and some might have even seen the photo posted of him being sworn in on his Facebook page. Well, folks that was the beginning and end of his service at the Sheriff’s Office. I did a public records request and Kurt Schneider had 55 pages of work history at the Office, while Chad Enderby had “no data found”. After he signed up for service, Enderby was supposed to have a 12 week training program, which he did not participate in. He was also supposed to work 8 hours a months after he successfully completed his training. Which he could not do because he could not perform the duties of Special Deputy without the training.


Chad Enderby has also stated on the record that besides being a Special Deputy, he consulted on HR matters with the Sheriff’s Office, which he did not. I have had this verified with Sheriff Risner as well as by payroll records.


All this has been brought to the attention of the Times Gazette and they have failed to print a retraction for errors in their November article, and now they have printed more misinformation.


Beware Residents of Ashland County do not be fooled. As stated by our current Sheriff with 24 years holding the office, Sheriff Risner, “Kurt Schneider is the only choice to be our next sheriff”. I do not think we want to vote for a candidate that repeatedly has tried to pad his record in regards to service at the Sheriff’s Office, to the point of being dishonest. Who do you want leading you law enforcement in the County? Someone that misleads and does not tell the truth, or someone with the experience and transparency and the honesty this County needs. My vote is for Kurt Schneider, and I hope you will all make the right choice, or should I say the ONLY CHOICE.  Vote Schneider for Sheriff on Tuesday.


Maggie McKinley



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