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Ashland's Records Specialist: Going Above and Beyond for the Community

In a heartwarming testament to dedication and compassion, Ashland Police Division's very own Records Specialist Bonnie Duncan has received a Letter of Commendation from Lieutenant Jerry Bloodhart for her extraordinary efforts in locating a wandering 9-year-old child on January 31, 2024.

Lt. Bloodhart expressed his gratitude, stating, "Bonnie's shift had just ended when officers were desperately searching for a missing child from the Reagan Elementary area. Instead of heading home, Bonnie decided to take a different route and actively participate in the search. Her quick thinking paid off when she spotted a young male who matched the description of the runaway. Without hesitation, she promptly notified dispatchers of his location. This invaluable information allowed our officers to swiftly contact the child, confirm his identity, and bring him home safely."

Lt. Bloodhart commended Bonnie's selflessness and unwavering commitment to the community, remarking, "Our duty to the Ashland community goes beyond the confines of our office hours, and Bonnie exemplified this truth. Her genuine concern, keen attention to detail, and unwavering dedication played a pivotal role in successfully resolving this incident. We are incredibly proud of Bonnie's exceptional work. Well done, Bonnie!"

This story serves as a powerful reminder that the Ashland Police Division's invaluable service extends far beyond the documented records, showing how the compassion and dedication of individuals like Bonnie Duncan truly make a difference in our community.


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