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Ashland Residents Alerted to Natural Gas Odor; Authorities Investigate

Ashland residents and businesses have reported detecting the odor of natural gas across the city, prompting investigations by the Ashland Fire Department. Despite thorough checks using advanced metering devices, no traces of explosive gases have been found. However, the distinct smell persists, leading to ongoing safety concerns.


Captain Rob McCrea of the Ashland Fire Department confirmed crews have responded to numerous calls regarding the gas odor. While no hazards have been detected, authorities advise those detecting the odor to ventilate indoor spaces by opening windows or doors. Residents experiencing concerns or symptoms associated with gas exposure are encouraged to call 911 for assistance, with the Ashland Fire Department's non-emergency line available for inquiries at 419-289-651.


The smell of natural gas, often attributed to mercaptans, remains a safety indicator despite no visible leaks. Columbia Gas underscores safety measures in case of suspected gas leaks, urging individuals to evacuate and contact emergency services.


Investigations into the source of the odor are ongoing, with community cooperation vital for resolution. Residents are reminded to prioritize safety while authorities work to address the situation.


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