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Ashland Police Officer Braves the Cold to Rescue a Dog

Ashland Police Division Officer Abe Neumann's heroic rescue of a dog from a frozen pond

In a heartwarming tale of bravery and compassion, Ashland Police Division Officer Abe Neumann risked his own safety and braved freezing temperatures to rescue a dog from a treacherous icy pond. The incident unfolded when Officer Neumann responded to a 911 call from a frantic owner whose dog had fallen through the frozen surface of Brookside Park's pond. Despite the dangerous conditions and the dog's coat making it difficult to stay afloat, Neumann showed incredible courage in his rescue efforts.


Upon arriving at the scene, Officer Neumann realized the dire situation unfolding before him. While initially assuming the dog was simply on the ice, he soon discovered that the poor animal was struggling to stay afloat in the freezing water. Neumann recalls, "When I got on scene, I didn't know he was in the water till I got here and saw him. I heard some yelling. I ran over there, I was able to see the dog struggling to stay afloat, I saw him go under the water a couple of times. He was definitely struggling. There were times where all I could see were his eyeballs. At that point, I knew I had to get to the dog, so I walked out onto the ice."


Crouching down on all fours to disperse his weight, he cautiously made his way towards the edge of the pond where the dog was desperately fighting for its life. Unfortunately, disaster struck as the ice gave way, plunging both Neumann into the frigid waters with the dog.


Despite the shock of the icy cold, Officer Neumann managed to secure a hold on the dog and lifted it onto the ice, ultimately saving its life. However, he soon realized that he was unable to pull himself out of the freezing water. It was at this critical moment that his fellow officer, Joe Artrip, arrived on the scene.


Without any hesitation, Officer Artrip immediately rushed on the ice, inching his way forward on all fours, Artrip extended his hand to Neumann, providing the much-needed lifeline to safety. With the assistance of two off-duty Ashland firefighters, Abe was pulled to safety, averting what could have been a tragic outcome.


The Ashland community is known for their deep love and care for their furry companions. This incident serves as a prime example of the community's dedication to preserving both human and animal lives. The 911 caller expressed her profound gratitude for the Ashland City Police Department and the Ashland Fire Department, praising their swift response and life-saving actions.


Ashland Mayor, Matt Miller, commended the officers for exemplifying the true essence of a public servant. He emphasized that the police department seeks individuals who understand their role as community leaders and true public servants. Neumann and Artrip's fearless actions embody the compassion and dedication that Ashland values in their police force.


Officer Abe Neumann's selfless act of bravery in rescuing a dog from a frozen pond is a testament to the expertise, and trust present within the Ashland Police Division. Despite the bone-chilling temperatures and the inherent risks involved, Neumann demonstrated unwavering courage in his determination to save a life. His fellow officer, Joe Artrip, further exemplified the values of Ashland's police department by rushing in to rescue his colleague.


The Ashland community's appreciation for both human and animal lives shines through in this heartwarming story. The actions of these officers serve as a reminder of the extraordinary lengths individuals will go to protect and preserve the well-being of their community members, whether they walk on two legs or four.


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