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Ashland Police Division’s Special Response Team

Ashland Police Division’s SRT Team spent the better part of this afternoon in training, at 115 Maple Street, at the intersection of Union Street. This house was owned by Denbow-Gasche Funeral Home & Crematory.

Seth and Lindsey Gasche of Denbow-Gasche purchased this home last year, knowing that it would need to be demolished in the future. They have donated the use of the building to both our Ashland Fire Department and Ashland Police Department for training purposes.

Seth Gasche told me, “Both Lindsey and I believe that we have always supported those who support us. Both departments have been beyond helpful to us and most of all, keep our community safe. We are glad to give back in any way we can.”

Ashland Police Division SRT Team Leader, Sgt. Kohler commented, “Different training locations provide different floor plans and building layouts which present their own "tactical problems". Every new tactical problem that the team works through assists the team in negotiating a similar "tactical problem" more efficiently in the future. Varying training locations are essential in keeping a SWAT Team not just proficient, but also advancing their capabilities and skill sets.”

Ashland County's Special Response Team is comprised of Law Enforcement Officers and Paramedics from the Ashland Police Division, Ashland County Sheriff's Office, Loudonville Police Department, and the Mifflin Fire Department.

Ashland Police Division SRT Team Leader Sgt, Kohler said, “The Ashland Special Response Team is a multi-jurisdictional and multi-discipline unit of three teams, the Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT), the Special Weapons and Tactics team (SWAT), and the Tactical Emergency Medical Services (TEMS). Lt. Jerry Bloodhart is the Special Response Team Commander.”


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