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On February 18, 2023, Division personnel gathered at Water’s Edge Event Center for the Ashland Police Awards Banquet, the first of what is planned to be an annual event. The ceremony marked the culmination of procedural changes to how the Division will administer awards in the future. In addition to the Division issued awards, State Representative Melanie Miller was present to recognize APD personnel with certificates of commendation from the 67th Ohio House District. During the ceremony, the following employees were recognized for their exemplary service in 2021 and 2022.

At the start of the ceremony, Police Recruits Chelsie Betancourt and Soren Osicka were recognized for the successful completion of the core requirements for the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy at North Central State College.

Service Awards were then issued to personnel who have reached 5-year milestones in their careers, to recognize their continued commitment to the Ashland community.

5 Years of Service

Sergeant Tim Atchison

Officer Adam Brock

Detective Kody Hying

Detective Kara Pearce

Detective Brad Scarl

Officer Alan Swaggard

Officer Adam Wolbert

Officer Leah Zeisler

10 Years of Service

Sergeant Lee Eggeman

Records Specialist Valerie Ortega

15 Years of Service

Detective Sergeant Curt Dorsey

Lieutenant Aaron Kline

Sergeant Brian Kunzen

Officer Abrahm Neumann

Administrative Secretary Angel Roley

20 Years of Service

Captain Craig Kiley

Employee of the year honors were then presented that are peer votes based on conduct, character, congeniality between employees, outstanding performance, and dedication. In addition to the historical awards for Civilian and Officer of the Year, a new category for Supervisor of the Year was created.

Civilian of the Year

2021 – Records Supervisor Kendra Deaton

Kendra has served 22 years with the Division. This was the 7th time she has received this award.

2022 – Administrative Secretary Angel Roley

Angel has served 16 years with the Division. This marks the 4th time she has received this award.

Officer of the Year

2021 – Officer Adam Brock

Adam has served 5 years with the Division.

2022 – Officer Adam Srnis

Adam has served 3 years with the Division.

Supervisor of the Year

2021 & 2022 – Detective Lieutenant John Simmons

John leads the Detective Bureau and is responsible for coordinating investigative follow-up Division wide.

Lastly, the Chief’s Achievement Award was presented. This new award was designed to allow the Office of the Chief to recognize employees for talents that he or she finds important to public safety. Focusing on the qualities of humility, selflessness, dependability, professionalism, commitment to the mission, goals, and vision of the Division while showcasing the potential for greater leadership responsibility, the employees chosen certainly fit the bill as Ashland’s Finest. Chief David Lay selected the following personnel for the honor.

Chief’s Achievement Award

2021 – Officer Jeremy Jarvis

Chief Lay remarked, “Jeremy has served the Ashland community for 15 years and is a graduate of Hillsdale High School. He is currently assigned to Ashland City Schools as their School Resource Officer. He is well respected by the faculty, staff, and students throughout the district. He never shies from his workload and handles nearly every incident within the schools, while often volunteering for after school event security. Jeremy is the definition of humility. He is an everyman with a quiet consistency and demeanor that often goes unnoticed.”

2022 – Officer Tevin McGuire

Chief Lay remarked, “Tevin has only served the community for 2 years, but has shown exceptional motivation and productivity in that short time. He is an Ashland High School graduate and attended North Central State College. Tevin worked at a local convenience store before becoming a police officer. Managers and customers alike have commented about how much they missed speaking with him daily, since he left. Tevin routinely volunteers for community events and many organizers have praised his demeanor. In addition to his duties as a patrol officer, Tevin volunteers his time to the Division’s Reach Out Cops and Kids initiative, and Team Focus. Team Focus is a mentoring program for young men without fathers. Those young men are lucky to have Tevin as a role model. The Ashland Police Division is proud to call him one of our own.”


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