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Ashland First Responders Go the Extra Mile

In a remarkable demonstration of dedication and compassion, the Ashland Police Division Officers, Ashland Fire Department, and EMS came together to assist an 80-year old woman involved in a single vehicle accident at Aldi's this morning.

Although it was a minor injury crash, there was something truly noteworthy that caught my attention as I was leaving the scene.

I witnessed two Officers from the Ashland Police Division, along with members of the Ashland Fire Department and the Auer Towing driver, going the extra mile by retrieving groceries from the lady's trunk and placing them in the ambulance.

Their empathy and thoughtfulness didn't stop there.

Not only did the EMS crew accompany her home, ensuring her safety along the way, but I later learned from scanner reports that EMS even reached out to an Officer to search for her lost cane. Promptly, the Officer located the cane and personally delivered it to the woman's home.

This exceptional level of care and attention demonstrated by these first responders deserves our gratitude and appreciation.

Their willingness to go above and beyond their duties is truly commendable, and I simply wanted to take a moment to express my thanks to all those who were involved in providing such exceptional assistance today.


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