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Ashland Fire Lends a Helping Hand

The Ashland County Park District Freer Field gets a new flag installed today, thanks to the Ashland Fire Department (AFD). The old one snapped in the last storm we had, and it left a tall problem for the Park maintenance staff.

To the rescue came the Fire Department, with Ladder 15, it made short work of getting the flag reinstalled on the pole.

Ashland County Park District Fiscal Officer, Pam Mowry said, “A Tall thank you to the City of Ashland Fire Department, who assisted the Ashland County Park District Maintenance Supervisor, John Featheringill, in replacing the American Flag, at Freer Field. The previous flag, and it's rope that anchored it, blew away in the recent strong windstorm. We are grateful for the AFD equipment and manpower that got the flagpole restrung and our new flag waving again!”

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