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  • Letter to the Editor

Ashland County will have the Opportunity to Elect a New Sheriff

This year, the citizens of Ashland County will have the opportunity to elect a new Sheriff. Kurt Schneider is running for this office and has my support.


I served at this office for 30 years and the last eight years as Sheriff. I know the duties and responsibilities of the Sheriff. He or she is a peace officer and is charged with protection of the citizens in the jurisdiction, an officer of the court, does criminal investigation, assists other law enforcement agencies if requested and runs the jail.


Kurt Schneider has experience as a firefighter and investigation of fires. This also led him to give expert testimony of his investigation. He has assisted police departments and other Sheriff's offices.


Kurt also worked for the Ashland County Sheriff's Office for 13 years. He supports the constitution and has the integrity for this office. If you examine his background and training, Kurt is the best person for the next Sheriff of Ashland County. Vote for Kurt Schneider.


Sheriff Larry Overholt

Ashland County Sheriff (Ret.)


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