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Ashland County Sheriff's Office Held K-9 Oz Retirement Party

The Ashland County Sheriff's Office recently celebrated the retirement of K-9 Oz, a valued member of their team. With his exceptional skills and dedication to the job, Oz has made a lasting impact on the Ashland County community. This retirement party was a special occasion to honor his service and express gratitude for his contributions.

Born on July 6, 2015, in the Czech Republic, K-9 Oz joined the Ashland County Sheriff's Office on March 15, 2019. From the moment he arrived, Oz proved to be a remarkable asset to the road division, where he worked alongside his handler, Deputy Duewel. Over the years, Oz has played a crucial role in ensuring the safety of the community and has become an integral part of Deputy Duewel's family.

Detective Duewel, Oz's handler, expressed his gratitude to the Sheriff's Office for the opportunity to work with such an exceptional K-9. He acknowledged Oz's contribution to both his career and personal life, stating that Oz has been an incredible partner at work and a valued member of his family. Although Oz's time as a patrol dog may be over, he will continue to fulfill his role as a devoted home protector.

Sheriff E. Wayne Risner highlighted the significance of K-9 Oz's retirement, emphasizing his immense value to the Ashland County Sheriff's K-9 program. Oz consistently exceeded expectations, meeting all annual certification requirements to be an active working K-9. Deputy Josh Duewel and Oz made an extraordinary team, and fortunately, they will continue their journey together, as Oz will remain with Josh and his family.

K-9 Oz's journey at the Ashland County Sheriff's Office took a meaningful turn when he was transferred to Deputy Josh Duewel. Quickly, they became a dynamic duo, working tirelessly across all three shifts. The bond between K-9 handlers and their partners goes beyond professional collaboration; they become family. These four-legged officers eagerly await their workday, often waiting by the door with excitement. Oz's absence during Deputy Duewel's shifts will undoubtedly require an adjustment period for both of them. The personnel of the Sheriff's Office will miss Oz dearly, knowing that he will receive the utmost care and attention in his retirement with the Duewel household.

The retirement of K-9 Oz left a lasting impact on the Ashland County Sheriff's Office. Captain Don Sims, from the Enforcement Division, acknowledged Oz's outstanding performance in serving the citizens of Ashland County and expressed how he would be missed by all personnel within the Sheriff's Office. Though his active duty days may be over, Oz will always hold a special place in the hearts of those who worked alongside him.

The Ashland community has consistently shown their support for the K-9 program, proving their appreciation for the work these dogs do. The retirement ceremony for K-9 Oz is a testament to the value their partnership brings to the community's safety. The citizens and personnel of the Ashland County Sheriff's Office express their gratitude to the community for their unwavering support.

As the K-9 team leader, Deputy Detective Rick Kinter acknowledged Deputy Josh Duewel's exceptional commitment and patience during his time as a K-9 handler. Oz's training required extra time and effort, and Deputy Duewel proved his dedication to the role. Kinter humorously mentioned that a true K-9 handler is only certified after being bitten by their own dog, and Deputy Duewel can proudly wear that title. K-9 Oz excelled in tracking and narcotics detection, leaving a lasting impression on both Deputy Duewel and the Ashland community. While Oz enters retirement, Deputy Duewel begins a new chapter in his career without his trusted K-9 partner.

In conclusion, the Ashland County Sheriff's Office celebrated the remarkable career of K-9 Oz during his retirement party. Oz's dedication and hard work have made a significant impact on the Ashland County community. The partnership between Deputy Josh Duewel and K-9 Oz has been nothing short of exceptional, and they will continue their bond in the years to come. The retirement of K-9 Oz marks an essential milestone in the K-9 program's history, leaving behind a legacy of expertise, dedication, and trust.

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