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Ashland County Sheriff's Office Bomb Squad Receives Cutting-Edge X-Ray Equipment

ASHLAND COUNTY, OH – The Ashland County Sheriff’s Office Bomb Squad has recently acquired new advanced equipment, the XR150 Portable X-ray Generator, thanks to a grant from Region 5 Summit County. This state-of-the-art technology, valued at nearly $40,000, is set to significantly enhance the squad's operational capabilities.


Bomb Team Commander Sgt. Josh Early highlighted the importance of the new X-ray device. "The XR150 is a new X-ray source for us, provided by Region 5 Summit County through their generous grant," Sgt. Early explained. "Our old developer was at least 15 years old, and support for it had ceased, so we were in dire need of new equipment. This new device is a game changer."


The XR150 Portable X-ray Generator, weighing just over 2 kilograms, can penetrate over 15mm of steel, making it ideal for remote locations and light-scale security operations. Key features include a 150 KVP power, a 12V custom battery pack, and a weather-resistant touchpad. It also boasts new functionalities such as pulse setting from 1 to 999 counts and the ability to set multiple pulse trains with time delays between them.


Sgt. Early emphasized the operational benefits, stating, "The X-ray equipment is our most used piece next to us. Whenever we deal with devices, military ordinance, or anything potentially explosive, we use the X-ray to get a better look. The portability and speed of the XR150 drastically reduce the time we spend on scenes, which is a huge increase in our efficiency and safety."


The Ashland County Bomb Squad, comprising six dedicated members, is on call 24/7 and serves not only Ashland County but also Knox and Richland Counties, and assists in Crawford and Marion Counties. The squad utilizes two robots, acquired through grants, to assist with various calls, which range from threats and suspicious packages to improvised explosive devices and fireworks recovery.


Certified as the 19th FBI Bomb Squad in Ohio in 2007, the team requires all members to be certified hazmat technicians, with two certified bomb technicians currently on the team. These certifications are maintained through rigorous training and annual classes on updates and new information.


The Bomb Squad responds to an average of 35 to 40 calls per year and trains diligently to ensure a safe and rapid response to any situation, staying current on all new potential threats.


For those interested in learning more about the Bomb Squad or arranging a demonstration, Sgt. Josh Early can be contacted at


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