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Ashland County Sheriff’s Office Bomb Squad Activated Today

Today, the Ashland County Sheriff’s Office Bomb Squad was activated around 10am following a concerning discovery, with Perrysville Fire & EMS on stand-by at the intersection of State Route 95 and County Road 1075 as the bomb squad addressed the situation.


A citizen had found a box of Dynamite sticks estimated to be around 40 years old, with some signs of crystallization, making them potentially unstable. Josh Early, the Ashland County Bomb Squad Team Commander, and Bomb Technician Joe Titus worked to safely dispose of the dynamite using a specialized compound, without any incident.


The Ashland County Bomb Squad Team serves Ashland, Knox, and Richland Counties and has also assisted Crawford and Marion Counties. With the aid of two robots acquired through grants, the squad handles various calls, including threats, suspicious packages, and improvised explosive devices.


In 2007, the Ashland County Sheriff’s Office became the 19th FBI certified Bomb Squad in Ohio. All squad members are certified hazmat technicians, and the squad has two certified bomb technicians. To maintain their certification, members attend annual classes for updates and new information.


Responding to approximately 35 to 40 calls per year, the Bomb Squad plays a crucial role in public safety, assisting local SWAT/SRT teams during standoff situations. Today’s activation highlights their ongoing commitment to ensuring the safety of the community.


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