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Ashland Community Shatters Donation Record with "Cram the Cruiser" Event

On Saturday, November 4, the annual “CRAM THE CRUISER” event, sponsored by Ohio State Highway Patrol Ashland Post 3, took place at the Ashland Walmart. This year, the event surpassed all expectations and set a new record for donations. The Ashland community, once again, demonstrated their incredible generosity and dedication to helping those in need.

The “CRAM THE CRUISER” event has become a beloved tradition in Ashland County. Each year, residents come together to donate non-perishable food items and cash to support Associated Charities Ashland County Food Bank. And this year, the community showed just how much they care.

In 2018, the event collected an impressive 2,800 pounds of food. The following year, donations dropped slightly to 2,380 pounds. However, in 2020, the community rallied and increased the amount of donated food to 2,460 pounds. The trend continued in 2021, with a significant jump to 3,080 pounds. In 2022, the event saw another increase, reaching 3,300 pounds. And now, in 2023, the Ashland community has outdone themselves, with a remarkable 3,420 pounds of food donated. This new all-time record is a testament to the community's unwavering support.

Not only did the Ashland community break the food donation record, but they also shattered the cash donation record. This year, an incredible $2,219.25 was collected in cash donations. These funds will greatly benefit the Associated Charities Ashland County Food Bank in their mission to feed those in need.

Associated Charities of Ashland County Executive Director, Christine Box expressed her appreciation, “For many years, the Ashland County Post of the Ohio State Patrol, has collected non-perishable food items for our food pantry. This year our troopers collected a record amount of food, weighing in at 3,420 pounds – along with $2189.25 in cash and a $30.00 gift card. Associated Charities is extremely thankful for the time and dedication given by our friends at the patrol post. It’s so awesome that these guys give of their time, especially on their days off, to do this for our community in need. The food collected will help to feed hundreds of folks that seek our assistance. I am beyond grateful for their friendship. We are blessed.”

"We had an awesome outpouring of support from our community this year!" Christine Box continued, "We set new records for the amount of food collected a cash donations. I want to thank everyone for their generous support in helping those in need during this upcoming holiday season. A special shout out to the Ashland University Criminal Justice Club for volunteering to help out collecting donations and making a difference."

Sgt. Daniel Kumor of the Ashland Post of the Ohio Highway Patrol expressed his gratitude to the residents of Ashland County, saying, "On behalf of the Ohio State Highway Patrol, Ashland Post, and Associated Charities, Ashland County Food Bank, I want to thank the great citizens of Ashland County for their amazing generosity during our annual Cram the Cruiser food drive!"

Sgt. Perrin of the Ashland Post of the Ohio Highway Patrol expressed his admiration for the community, saying, "This community always exceeds expectations and shows what it means to truly care about one another. Your contributions will be put to good use helping those in need. Thank you, Ashland County. You truly are the World Headquarters of Nice People."

The success of the "CRAM THE CRUISER" event would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of the Ohio State Highway Patrol, and the kindness of the Ashland community. These dedicated individuals, often volunteering their time on their days off, exemplify what it means to care deeply for others.

Once again, the Ashland community has demonstrated their boundless generosity and compassion. The annual "CRAM THE CRUISER" event continues to grow, setting new records each year. The success of this event not only benefits Associated Charities Ashland County Food Bank, but also serves as a powerful reminder of the strength and unity within the Ashland community.

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