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Another Awesome Winterfest in Loudonville

Updated: Jan 14

Yesterday, Despite the bone-chilling arctic cold front and wind gusts of up to 40 mph, many businesses in the area came together to contribute a display of amazing ice sculptures, showcasing the immense talent. With temperatures reaching a high of only 26 degrees, it was a chilly day indeed, but ideal for the Icey Winterfest.


Although the inclement weather, brave attendees were treated to live ice carving demonstrations, allowing them to witness the birth of these stunning sculptures firsthand.


To warm up, they sought solace in the indoor model train show, marveling at the intricate details of the mini locomotives. Returning to the outdoors, participants leisurely strolled through downtown, soaking in the captivating ice sculptures, each proudly presented in front of local businesses.


And what better way to complete the Winterfest experience than by satisfying their appetites at the various food vendors, who offered a tantalizing array of treats.


Another Awesome Winterfest in Loudonville truly showcased the indomitable spirit of the community, as everyone braved the cold to come together and celebrate this icy extravaganza.

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