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Amado Herrera Reyes sentenced to twenty-one and a half years of incarceration

On February 12, 2024, Hon. David R. Stimpert, Judge of the Common Pleas Court of Ashland County, Ohio, presided over the sentencing of Amado Herrera Reyes, who had previously pleaded guilty to several sexual offenses on Monday, November 20, 2023. Reyes faced charges including gross sexual imposition, pandering obscenity involving a minor or impaired person, illegal use of a minor or impaired person in nudity-oriented material or performance, endangering children, and tampering with evidence.


The sentencing hearing, conducted remotely via video, the Defendant represented by Attorney Liz Jones, with Assistant Prosecutor Michael Callow representing the State of Ohio.


After considering statements from both the defense and prosecution, along with any relevant investigation reports and victim impact statements, Judge Stimpert made several determinations regarding Reyes' sentencing:


Residential Sanctions:


    Gross Sexual Imposition (18 months): Reyes was sentenced to eighteen months incarceration under the authority of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction.


    Pandering Obscenity Involving a Minor or Impaired Person (8-12 years): Reyes received a sentence ranging from a minimum of eight years to a maximum of twelve years incarceration.


    Illegal Use of a Minor or Impaired Person in Nudity-Oriented Material or Performance (6-9 years): Reyes was sentenced to a term ranging from a minimum of six years to a maximum of nine years incarceration.


    Endangering Children (6-9 years): Reyes received a sentence ranging from a minimum of six years to a maximum of nine years incarceration.


    Tampering with Evidence (30 months): For this offense, Reyes was sentenced to thirty months incarceration.


Sentencing Considerations:


    The court deemed consecutive sentences necessary for Counts One, Three, Nine, and Thirteen, citing the seriousness of the conduct and the danger posed by the defendant.

    Reyes' aggregate sentence totaled twenty-one and a half years to a maximum of twenty-four and a half years.

    Reyes' will be classified as a Tier II Sex Offender and is required to register his residence, place of employment and higher education every 180 days for Twenty-Five (25) years.

    Post-release control terms were outlined, along with sex offender registration requirements and financial sanctions.

    Reyes was granted credit for time served and was remanded to the custody of the Ashland County Sheriff's Office for transportation to a state penal receiving institution.


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