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AG Yost Wins En Banc Review in Ballot Lawsuit

(COLUMBUS, Ohio) — The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit today granted the Ohio Attorney General’s Office request for full court review in the case regarding the proposed amendment “Protecting Ohioans’ Constitutional Rights.”

Yost requested the En Banc review on May 30 after a divided three-member panel ruled that Ohio’s ballot initiative process likely violated the U.S. Constitution and ordered that the proposed amendment and summary should be sent to the Ballot Board.

The Attorney General had determined that that summary was not fair and truthful and thus would mislead Ohio voters.

In the En Banc petition, Yost argued that the panel opinion raised important constitutional issues that warranted review by all of the judges on the full court of appeals.

The Attorney General's role is to ensure that what goes to the voters is an accurate representation of what is being presented. It is a safeguard to ensure voters fully understand what they are voting for.


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