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2nd Time This Week First Responders at the Intersection of US Route 250 and State Route 89

On yet another unfortunate occasion, the dedicated first responders from the Ashland Post of the Ohio Highway Patrol, along with the Polk Fire Department and EMS, found themselves rushing to the scene of a two vehicle accident at the junction of US Route 250 and State Route 89.

Remarkably, this marked the second time in less than a week that they had to confront a collision and attend to those involved. As they arrived at the site, Aber's Towing & Crane Center and Gibbs Towing offered their indispensable assistance in dealing with the resulting wreckage.

Despite the severity of the situation, it is a relief to report that only minor injuries were reported, which no doubt alleviated some of the concerns surrounding this recurring intersection mishap.

Such incidents serve as a poignant reminder of why our diligent first responders and towing service providers are invaluable members of the community, tirelessly working to keep us safe and swiftly rectifying unfortunate circumstances like these.

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