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18-Year-Old Driver Flees from Sheriff's Office Deputy, Causing Crash in Loudonville


Today, around 9:54am in Loudonville, Ohio, an 18-year-old driver from Navarre, Ohio made a reckless decision that resulted in a serious crash. The driver, who was operating a grey 2008 Toyota Tacoma, attempted to evade a Deputy from the Ashland County Sheriff's Office. Despite the Deputy's attempt to stop the vehicle for speeding, the driver chose to escalate the situation, ultimately causing a collision.


The Initial Attempt to Stop the Vehicle


The incident began when a Sheriff's Office Deputy noticed the grey Toyota Tacoma traveling at a high rate of speed on State Route 3, near State Route 179. The vehicle was reported to be exceeding the speed limit, going as fast as 72mph in a 55mph zone. In the interest of public safety, the Deputy decided to initiate a traffic stop.


Ignoring Law Enforcement's Commands


Despite the Deputy's attempts to signal the driver to pull over and stop, the 18-year-old behind the wheel of the Toyota Tacoma took a different path. Instead of complying with the Deputy's instructions, the driver chose to accelerate, pushing the vehicle to speeds over 100mph. The situation quickly escalated as the pursuit continued into the limits of Loudonville.


The Crash


As the reckless pursuit entered Loudonville, the driver seemed to realize the imminent danger and lowered the speed of the pickup truck. Unfortunately, it was too late to prevent a devastating accident. The Toyota Tacoma approached the intersection of North Union Street and East Main Street, where a red light signaled traffic to halt. Ignoring the red light, the driver plowed through the intersection, colliding with a 2009 Blue Kia Sedona.


Emergency Response and Medical Care


Following the crash, the Loudonville Fire Department, EMS, and Perrysville EMS arrived at the scene to provide assistance. The 18-year-old driver sustained non-life-threatening injuries and was transported by Loudonville EMS to UH Samaritan Medical Center for medical treatment.

Fortunately, the occupant of the Blue Kia Sedona, a female, did not require transportation to a medical facility.


Consequences and Legal Ramifications


The consequences for the 18-year-old driver's actions are severe. Evading law enforcement is a serious offense that can result in various legal ramifications. Depending on the jurisdiction, fleeing from a police officer can lead to charges such as reckless driving, endangerment, and even felony charges. If convicted, individuals may face significant fines, license suspension, probation, or imprisonment.


Importance of Road Safety


This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of road safety and the potential risks associated with reckless driving. It is crucial for drivers of all ages to abide by traffic laws and respect law enforcement's authority. Engaging in high-speed pursuits not only endangers the lives of the fleeing individuals but also jeopardizes the safety of innocent motorists and pedestrians.




The incident in Loudonville serves as a cautionary tale for all drivers, especially young individuals who may be tempted to engage in reckless behavior. Fleeing from law enforcement is never a wise decision and can have severe consequences. It is essential to prioritize road safety, adhere to traffic laws, and respect the authority of law enforcement officers. Let us learn from this incident and work together to create safer roadways for everyone.


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